The Journal Nuevos Paradigmas de las Ciencias Sociales Latinoamericanas, is a biannual publication, is on line and open source, seeks to spread among social academic community, selected articles from Latin American scholars and from other contexts, related to issues and historical processes on economic, political and cultural matters of societies and individuals. The journal aims to publish research results that involve a novel, relevant and important contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge.


The publication of articles resulting from research in a peer reviewed journal for academic peers or book publishing research result, it is a fundamental pillar in the creation of a Latin American network of knowledge in the social sciences that is respected and become benchmark for consultation for students, teachers and researchers. Will reflect the quality of published authors and institutions to which they are linked.

Items refereed by peer reviewers are based on the scientific method, hence the importance of the agreement on the standards of ethical behavior expected of all parties involved in the process of editing and publishing the magazine and books in the catalog.

The ILAE assumes responsibility for compliance with policies and standards set forth in the "Instructions for authors" and in his Manual of Style, to improve scientific communication and promote ethics in the dissemination of research results in its publications.

The Journal Nuevos Paradigmas de las Ciencias Sociales Latinoamericanas, is member of the Committee on Publication Ethics –COPE– since July 2015, and as such, subscribes the Code of Conduct and Best Practice for Journal Editors (available at [http://publicationethics.org/files/Code%20of%20Conduct_2.pdf]). The ILAE stands on its scientific and technical publishers responsibility to detect and report cases of plagiarism, research with false information or authorship disputes, as a fundamental aspect in the arbitration process by peer reviewers.